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Dec 5, 2013 3:00am PST
and teachers. you take sam stein who grew up in a terrific home environment, both parents -- >> spoiled rotten kid. rich boy. >> you take a job teaching in an inner-city school your eyes are opened to an entirely different environment you've never been exposed to. >> there's great programs like the new york city teacher fellowship which i applied forks teach for america. they do these things. we don't put enough resources human resources into our schools and every study shows if a kid has a quality education he's more likely to succeed socially and economically. we need to invest our time, capital and resources into bettering our education system and getting kids a chance, essentially, at a decent economic life. >> especially the demands for an education are only going to grow. indications are you work on a production line in a factory you need a college degree. everybody will have to have that level of minimum education. it's not something that's optional. >> vocational training over the next decade absolutely critical. coming up on "morning joe" we'll talk to chris matthews ahead of his inte
Dec 4, 2013 3:00am PST
stories is a view into how you can succeed in all kinds of different environments. it's important to note that they are different and have different styles. they share a lot of common qualities. they are all responding to their environment. i think that's the key thing i took away. there is no single answer to how to fix our system. we really need to find a solution that allows creativity and allows both individual teachers and administrations and districts to find their own solutions. >> to do what they do best and deal with what they have. >> it's different in inner cities than in rural communities and for different age groups. >> did you get any push back when you wanted to develop this? >> the school administration was supportive and i ran this as a pilot program with the intention of opening my own school and the administration approached me and said would you consider opening up here? there was an idea of existing within the confines and there was something exciting about that model. i am working on a teaching institute that would be built around the same curriculum for students bet
Dec 6, 2013 3:00am PST
for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. >> you now know who i am. >> that's fantastic. coming up next, mandela biographer will join us on set along with tina brown. keep it right here on "morning joe." honestly? no way did i think a tablet was gonna be a good deal. you're talking to the guy who hasn't approved a new stapler purchase in three years. but then i saw the new windows tablet, with a real keyboard, usb port, and full office. it's a tablet that works for work. plus, it's got apps and games, for after hours, of course. compared to an ipad -- way more value. these tablets are such a steal; i couldn't find a reason not to buy them. ♪ honestly, i wanna see you be brave ♪ waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets f
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3